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Last week our clients, Grant Carson and John Dever of Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL) were guest speakers at the Construction Expo held in the SEC. Topics included the issues of accessibility at home and an ageing population in Scotland.

The duo pulled no punches, asked big questions and covered areas that many people are scared to talk about.

For example, they asked the audience if they sustained an injury that put them in a wheelchair, would their home be accessible or would they have to move to new accommodation?

GCIL’s colleagues at Blackwood have adapted homes, by moving the kitchen & bathroom into the middle of the floor plan. This provides easy access from any point in the home. Wider hallways also make it easier for wheelchair accessibility. It is smart design in the early stages that helps make a massive difference to quality of living.

As mentioned earlier, the GCIL team also covered the issue of Scotland’s ageing population. Someone living in a third floor flat with no lift may be fine when younger, but what about when they are 80 years old? It would become a daily struggle, that may eventually prevent them from even leaving their homes.

Cole AD’s creative team have designed the website for Adapt2Fit to help people in need of ideas for accessible living.

The talk Grant & John delivered was first class and more people need to hear about their strategies. GCIL are helping people every day live the best life they can. Cole AD are honoured to work with such a brilliant organisation!

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