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Cole AD have developed the new brand for Aerial & Marine Services (AMS) – a business that covers both aerial and marine photography. Mutual business contacts in the Glasgow area recommended us and we thank Darren Cryans of Instant Impact Gardens for the introduction.

After initial discussions with our agency, the creatives went to work. The client was bowled over when he saw the new brand our design team had created. Check out his feedback below:

“I am very pleased with what you’ve done – it looks brilliant. The shutter is a great touch as it gives the viewer more of an idea about what the company does. The colouring is superb. The golden colour of the eagle is what I had in mind, you’ve nailed that. And the different shades of blue around the shutter is a nice touch and isn’t too bold. Also appealing to the ‘marine’ side of the business. Above all, thank you Cole AD for the great work!”
Gary Ross, Managing Director, Aerial & Marine Services