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AgbioInvestor provides news and analysis covering the global crop protection and seeds & traits industries covering Europe, Asia and America.

Cole AD were tasked with creating a responsive brand suitable for an international audience, flexible enough to promote the range of services the company offer.

The outcome was a strong minimal mark and an adaptable identity that combines data and agriculture. Working with AgbioInvestor, Cole AD produced branding, design guidelines, marketing materials, stationery and website design too.

“Cole AD were able to develop a re-branding package that portrays our company in a way that we are very proud of. All work was prepared in a friendly and timely manner, and we are very impressed with the agency’s collaborative and understanding approach to designing something that not only meets our specific set of requirements, but looks amazing as well. Cole AD are now our go-to for all branding and design needs!”
Garry Mabon, Partner at AgbioInvestor