Privacy Policy

Business as usual…

We’ve had to make some small changes to how we’re operating at Cole AD.
First up, we hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy. We also hope everyone is practising social distancing too. 

With the recent Government lockdown and furlough measures, we’ve had to change lots of things around here at Cole AD to keep business moving for our clients.

So what’s new?

All calls to the agency are being redirected to our Managing Director, Stephen Cole. Our Creative Director, Garry McCann & Stephen are handling all design, digital and media work during the lockdown.

So for all design help or website enquiries, please contact Garry, and Stephen for media enquiries. 

For client communication, Garry & Stephen are using the following resources to make sure things run smoothly;

  • All client meetings are via video conferencing on Zoom
  • They organise all client work on Trello 
  • General notes & reminders go through Slack

Now these are tools we used every day before the crisis, but it’s been put into great effect and allows them to keep going and continue working for clients as normal. We’d wholeheartedly recommend using them to help maintain a collaborative remote working environment.

Prior to the lockdown, the people who run our Clockwise Building in Glasgow were fantastic in keeping us updated during the challenging times. The cleaning staff were so attentive, we bought them all big boxes of chocolates to say thanks for keeping our building immaculate and ensuring that it was a safe environment.

So while we know that you too will likely be navigating these unique and challenging circumstances, we’re still available if you need anything at all. This includes graphic design, media buy, web design or just Netflix recommendations for your evenings and weekends spent indoors!

If you’re looking for something to stimulate the mind while working from home, filmmaker Gary Hustwit will be releasing a new documentary for free every week for the duration of our isolation stage. His first is a documentary on typography, graphic design and global visual culture – right up our street!

Thanks for reading and please stay safe.

Stay home • Protect the NHS • Save lives