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Cole AD are tagging along with Rodney and Thea on their magical adventures to Cupcake Land! We worked closely with the author and publisher to bring Rodney to life with these beautiful book illustrations.

Find out what they get up to on the way as “Rodney the Rather Rare Rainbowsaurus” hits shelves at all good book stores.

Olympia Publishers officially published this delightful children’s’ book on 26th September 2019, with all illustrations created by our very own Cole AD designer, Emma McLatchie. Emma has created some bold and multicoloured illustrations that fit perfectly with the book’s theme of an unlikely friendship and a unique adventure.

If you want to see these illustrations in full, you can buy it now! The paperback is available for purchase on Waterstones and Amazon for £5.99. It is also available to download on Amazon for Kindle users.

This is something a little different for Cole AD and we loved every minute of working on these illustrations. What a great opportunity to tap into our imaginations and visit a magical land! Maybe we should find a way to incorporate cupcakes into our work more often…

We’re very proud of these beautiful illustrations done by Emma, and we hope your little ones enjoy this fun book!