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Have you been toying with the idea of emerging from lockdown with a new look? Well you’re not alone! (But maybe don’t reach for those scissors just yet…) We’ve been working with Southside Housing Association on a brand refresh since earlier this year with their project team leaders, Heather Sheridan-Price & Chris Milborrow.

We were delighted to finally be able to reveal their new look, alongside the launch of their new site, on 9th July 2020.

Fresh ideas

When we first spoke to SHA about a rebrand, we agreed that we would be working towards a contemporary and eye-catching look. We loved their current logo, and wanted to use this as a motif to create other elements across the website which would represent each of their services. This would keep a consistency across the site and would act as an easily identifiable symbol that people could associate with SHA wherever they see it. The font used across the website was also inspired by these elements and is a modern but easily readable typeface.

We then played around with a few colour palettes for the brand. We were keen to find something that would make Southside Housing Association stand out amongst the market in Scotland. Eventually, we decided on a primary colour of royal blue with elegant gold and white accents. In addition, we used the secondary colour of teal for the Southside Letting and Southside Residential pages. These colours were a slight adjustment to the ones already present on the previous website. We didn’t want to disorient any of SHA’s existing customers, especially at this already disorienting time. With all of this working together, we established a stylish and vibrant new look for the company.

The Finished Product

Southside Housing Association are leaders in their field. They are committed to providing top quality housing services to the Southside of Glasgow. We wanted to work with them to create a website and brand that would visually reflect the high standard of the work that they do. Their website is easy to navigate, pleasant to look at and features their company’s vision front and centre. We personally couldn’t be happier with how this revamp turned out. Southside Housing Association management committee chairperson, Margaret McIntyre, had this to say about the brand refresh; 

“The new logo and brand refresh reflect our ambitions to be a modern, vibrant organisation committed to providing the best property and support services to the customers and communities we serve. I really hope that everyone connected with the Association will be as proud as I am when they see it displayed within our communities and on our communications.”

A view of the new Southside Housing Association homepage

The new branding is now visible on online platforms, including SHA’s Facebook page. We will then introduce in customer correspondence and throughout their offices and residential locations incrementally. We can’t wait to continue our work with Southside Housing Association across the coming months.   

If you think your business could benefit from a bit of a refresh, let us offer our design expertise! Why not check out the work we’ve done for other companies for some inspiration. Or if you’re ready to take the leap – get in touch with one of our team today!