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We’re excited to showcase our work for Ross Harper which included a new brand design, new website and animated gifs for social media! Find out why this client needed a completely new look and how we helped them. 

What’s in a name?

Ross Harper was a massive name in Scottish law for decades. However, a few years ago the firm ran into some trouble and subsequently dissolved the firm in its original state. Our clients, who had no association with the previous firm, approached us with the bold idea to take the name and create an entirely new service. The new Ross Harper would act as an online referral network – connecting clients to established law firms regulated by the Law Society of Scotland.

We were approached to create a new brand design and website for this new Ross Harper. After our initial meeting, it was clear to us that they didn’t want it to be just another law firm. Their approach was to put you at ease right away. They talked about pretty daunting concepts; like road traffic accidents, wills and family law, in simplistic terms with a good sense of humour. We wanted to then replicate that ethos through our design work with them. 

The new Ross Harper

The new Ross Harper mark was bold and clean, letting the brand name stand out. 

In creating the brand and website, we thought about how we could demonstrate the customer journey appropriately. With legal matters, there can sometimes be an overreliance on jargon and a serious tone that can put prospective customers off. We decided to design some bespoke characters to show the various scenarios that could lead to someone needing the help of Ross Harper. This was a surefire way to establish the personable and relatable approach of the new Ross Harper brand. 

The new website featured these characters throughout, and the website copy reflected the modern and informal approach our new client wanted to take. The copy focused on injecting some levity into what can often be an emotionally heavy experience for their customers. 

We featured an enquiry form prominently throughout the site, making it easy for a prospective customer to reach out. This was carried over to our mobile layout, limiting the amount of pages shown to help direct the customer to the right points of contact. This drove enquiries up considerably.

We also worked on animated gifs that featured our bespoke characters in all forms of trouble! From fender benders to slips and falls, we wanted to demonstrate that Ross Harper could help no matter what your predicament. These served as great marketing tools for social media, catching people’s attention and further promoting the new, playful brand ethos.

Visit the Ross Harper website to see our work in action, or for more information on how this all came together – check out our case study here