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Our last blog post showed the astounding growth in website traffic to Cole AD client The Kitchen Depot. We also have another client on our roster who have seen similar success over the past few months. Read on to find out more…

The ALLIANCE, or the Health and Social Care Alliance, are a Cole AD client who have benefitted from our web design services. We refined their main website down from 10 microsites and made it easier for The ALLIANCE staff to manage. This also allowed visitors to find information more easily, as all services were signified on the homepage clearly.

The ALLIANCE are a key resource in the Health and Social Care services. With over 2,200 members, their website is a hub for news updates, medical articles and more. In a year when the healthcare sector has faced an unprecedented challenge, it was more important than ever that their website was maintained to the highest standard. We needed to ensure that any required updates were carried out swiftly and efficiently. So we kept a close eye on the ALLIANCE website to make sure it was all running smoothly.

As part of our website care package, we were also keeping an eye on their Google Analytics stats. This is something we offer any Cole AD client who’s website we build and design.

View the stats for yourself…

From tracking these statistics, we noticed some incredible spikes in traffic. Visitors to their website doubled and, at some points, even tripled during the height of lockdown – as compared to the start of the year.

From Jan – Aug 2020, the ALLIANCE have seen over 62,000 users to their website. In addition, they have also seen almost 215,000 individual page views. However, these numbers aren’t anomalies, as they see regular high spikes in engagement across each month of the year. It’s encouraging to see this sustained popularity in the ALLIANCE website. We are pleased that we could have a part in ensuring that, at peak times, the ALLIANCE website is working exactly as it should.

If you are interested in a new website, Cole AD can design and build something responsive and attractive with the proven capabilities of growth in audience engagement. To see more of our web builds, click here.