Privacy Policy

We recently talked about the importance of flexible working and the way it has transformed how we approach our days. As much as this new way of working fits our team really well, it can have its downsides socially. While a quick Zoom call can be great for a catch-up, it’s easy to miss the daft chats we all have when working in the office full-time!

That’s why, for us, it’s important to schedule in time to meet up in person and get some much needed time away from our screens.

Since June, we have been scheduling monthly team meetings at our offices in Clockwise with a follow-up team lunch. This month’s lunch was at the delicious Halloumi Glasgow. Many thanks to the people there for great service, great food and great photography skills!

Having these regular meetings not only keeps us all involved in each other’s lives but also in our work! While it’s great to chat about things other than work, we’ve also found that it helps to have breakout meetings where we can catch-up about separate projects, without the limitations of Zoom or Teams. We find that it can lead to more open and productive conversations on things we’ve maybe been stuck on. 

At Cole AD, we all have our different superpowers. We band together to create a few smaller teams dedicated to design, web development, marketing and media. Part of what makes our team superb is that we all learn from each other, and we each have a say in what we do.

Our monthly team meetings allow us all to have a chance at sharing our perspectives on projects that others need a helping hand with. Allowing everyone to have a say has led to some of our most imaginative solutions and best ideas. That’s just one of the pros of working with such a talented bunch! 

We look forward to our next team meeting in September, at which we may need a few extra seats at the table! Keep your eyes on our Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn for more updates.

No matter where we’re working from, you’ll always be able to reach us. Visit our contact us page to get in touch.