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On 26th February we remember the anniversary of the passing of our founder in 2010, Chris Cole. A great leader and family man, his creative and personal legacy lives on in our work. Chris set up our agency in 1986, and next month Cole AD hit 35 years in business.

When Chris started the agency, he was told by his former employer that it wouldn’t last 6 months – how is that for motivation!

The management team since Chris passed away are Garry McCann as Creative Director and the Cole brothers, Michael & Stephen.

Brand and website design projects have become very popular with new clients we’ve won. Our media buying across Scotland for arts & theatre clients has been very much in demand too.

Stephen Cole, having been with the agency for over 20 years, shares his thoughts below on how the business has stayed consistently successful over the decades.

Our top 5 tips

• Team – Getting the right people, establishing what they enjoy doing, trusting them and then getting out of their way. Let them do their job!

• Saying no is ok – Not every client is for us and not every tender is worth going after. Playing to our strengths is key.

• Have fun – yes, it is work, but relishing a creative challenge and being passionate about what we do means the time flies by.

• Positive attitude – The last 12 months have taught us to look for the wins, no matter how small. It has kept us going during the global pandemic.

• Mentors – Working with a first-class business coach, Andy Goldberg, has been fantastic. A special mention goes to Joe Pirret, who I met when I joined BNI Evolution and his advice on business has been just incredible over the years.

We have no doubts that Chris would be super proud of us and then ask “what’s next?”. Well, keep checking back to find out…

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to celebrating Chris’ creative legacy and our company milestone together as a team – when we’re allowed!