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Did you know that the acclaimed film director, Ridley Scott, started his career in advertising?

Famous for many brilliant ad campaigns, Ridley then went on to take the film world by storm directing such classics as Alien, Gladiator, Thelma & Louise, plus the mighty Blade Runner. As we’ve been working hard on client website designs, branding projects it was time to zone out for a few hours and take inspiration from the future. Some of the agency team attended a matinee screening of Blade Runner 2049 at our local Glasgow cinema, GFT. 

Digital billboards made their LA debut in the original 1982 movie, now our agency media buy and design them across cities including Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh & Glasgow. 3D billboards are next according to the sequel. 

What did our team think of the film? One word reviews include: long, loud, bombastic, startling. 

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