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At Cole AD we’re a people business. We build relationships. We create concepts & campaigns for clients. We deliver commercial results. So, with that in mind, we’ve been looking hard at ourselves and what works best for our own people. Because, if we get that right then it’s mirrored in the results we can achieve for our clients.  

We’re moving into the second half of 2021 with a renewed vigour and how we want our business to operate. A huge part of that is where our people work and what allows them to do their best work. Do they need solo focus time to create and strategise? Do they need collaborative time with each other? Do they need a more flexible way of working?

The answer is all of the above, but not in equal measure for each person. And that is ok, because everyone in the Cole AD team is unique and works in their own way. The environment we are building means each person works in a place and way that works for them, but the environment is fluid enough to allow agility and responsiveness.

So, what does that mean for our clients?

There are so many positives for our clients that it is hard to list them all, but the key benefits include:

Turbocharged brains

With less time spent on the commute our people have that time back to rest, play and get their physical & mental self ready for the day (or evening) ahead. Our brains need time to process and rest, so getting that time back in the day means we can be more switched-on and create better outcomes for our clients.

Flexible collaboration options

Whilst we need to be mindful of Zoom-fatigue, online tools are perfect for creating collaboration and connection with each other and our clients. But, working flexibly means we can meet flexibly. A nice day? Let’s walk it out with a coffee in the sun. Presenting ideas? Let’s meet in our collaborative office space at Clockwise Glasgow with all the tech to run an efficient session. Just need a quick 1:1 facetime? Let’s pop a quick Zoom in the diary and nail that chat.

People Make Glasgow mural
People Make Glasgow | Our People Make Cole AD. Stairwell mural in our Clockwise Glasgow office.

Project sprint teams

Working collaboratively doesn’t mean we all need to be physically together (so long as we are on the same page vision-wise). Our core teams are working more effectively than ever and forming project sprint teams. The meets are focused, and the client work is moving rapidly, which is just as well with confidence returning to the business community and businesses investing in their growth strategies.

‘Me time’ to up-skill

With more time spent in our flexible working spaces and less travelling time, we’ve carved out time to focus on our own skills too. Taking time saved to learn a new skill or work through an online certification means we’re filling our toolbox with all the latest knowledge across our range of specialisms. That can only be a bonus for our spectrum of clients.

Bottoms up

The measure of our success is delivering results for our clients. For us that means working in flexible ways that allow our people to do their best work and produce those results. If we release ourselves from the shackles of the ‘bums on seats’ mindset and the prescriptive traditional view of office life then we’re finding a brave new world of freedom to create, innovate and do good work that we’re proud of.

If you think we could work well together and create amazing outcomes, then get in touch. We’ll let you choose how we do our first session together – we’re open to (almost) anything!