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Getting to know our clients is a key piece of the equation when it comes to our marketing offerings. Each client has a unique selling point and marketing goals, so understanding their business in and out is super important to us! We’ve recently had a unique opportunity with our SME client Aspen Solutions, to get to know their staff on a one-to-one basis and develop a social media marketing strategy focused on their people.

Getting to know you

We’ve been conducting Zoom interviews with their staff over the past two months to get their perspective on what makes Aspen stand out amongst other IT companies in the UK.

At the beginning of 2021, we helped them develop a holistic marketing plan based around the question – Why Choose Aspen? In this session, we gave Aspen staff an open forum to go through their existing brand ethos and feed back on how it had changed over the years, what remained the same and what could be improved. We also asked them to think about what makes Aspen special, and it all comes down to three things; Their People, Their Service and Their Commitment.

This session gave us the touch points to be able to develop a 12 month marketing strategy for Aspen that centred the 3 reasons consumers should choose them over any other IT company in the UK.

Peeking behind the mask

A lot of companies can make the mistake of hiding behind their big name suppliers, or simply wanting to stay behind the scenes. We wanted to conduct these short interviews as a way for their clients to get to know the faces behind the names they’ve interacted with so closely over the years.

The Zoom interviews have also been a great way to get to know the extended team ourselves, and to get an over-arching perspective on Aspen as a business. This helped inform our marketing strategy as we were then able to craft messages that accurately reflect the feelings of those who work there – and the ethos that they share with the clients they interact with every day.

Sharing these interviews on social media has been a roaring success! We’ve found that followers, especially on business focused social media platforms like LinkedIn, respond much more enthusiastically to something that feels more human and relatable than a stock image or a graphic. Whilst these can be effective marketing tools for communicating a sleek and professional aura – there are so many benefits to handing the reins over to your team and allowing them to speak in their own words. Especially if you’re messaging is focused around the people within your business being the thing that sets it apart.

Maintaining your social media presence

It can be difficult to find the right balance between showing the human side of your business and becoming much too personal on social media. This requires a well-thought out strategy with proactive and willing members in your team. Some people may not be too keen on having their face featured on your social media channels, but they can still get involved by sharing updates to their own profile or commenting to show support!

We also encouraged this client to share their charitable endeavours on social media. Whilst some people may prefer not to draw attention to their charity support – there are a lot of reasons why this would be beneficial! It centres your business within your local community and shows your support for those who uphold it. It also brings attention to charities from sources they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Getting personal in your SME social media marketing doesn’t have to mean oversharing or awkward selfies – there are lots of ways to introduce a more human element to your messaging that will bring in attention from the right clients. If you’re interested in taking this step yourself, get in touch today to speak to our experienced team.