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It’s almost Christmas, but here at Cole AD we’re not winding down just yet! We’ve been working hard on existing projects but have also welcomed new work for 2020. We’re absolutely delighted to win a new client in MacGregor & MacDuff Kilts.

With kilt sales and kilts for hire across Glasgow, London, Manchester and New York, this is a terrific account for us to develop. The origination of this new business was simply from finding us online. This new client found us and were fans of our previous design work. They could see, in previous work for other clients, examples of how we could reflect and adapt their brand and deliver sleek and stunning design work. For a client that prides themselves on high-quality aesthetics, this is the best feedback we could have hoped for!

Our creative team look forward to helping them achieve great things in 2020.

The origination of our new business with MacGregor and MacDuff Kilts is a key part of how we hope to progress in 2020. With such a strong focus on online brand identity, we are keen to take this to the next level for ourselves in 2020 and see what it can do for our business. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting things to come!

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