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We’ve had some ideas brewing during lockdown and have got some news for you about a big summer media campaign that came to us in an unlikely place! Read on to find out where…

Home improvements have become huge since lockdown. With more families spending time together than ever before, the kitchen really is the beating heart of any house. From baking experiments to major spring cleaning – we’re working on a multitude of tasks in our kitchens. In fact, maybe your kitchen has become your new temporary office if you’re working from home!

So perhaps it was natural that we had an idea for one of our regular clients, The Kitchen Depot. We came up with a media campaign to help boost sales for The Kitchen Depot – seeing the opportunity that people would be spending time and money on improving their homes over lockdown in place of our usual holidays this time of year.

Our media buy team negotiated great deals to run outdoor advertising over late summer – just as people will be getting out and about a bit more. We’re excited to see the growth for our client as this campaign kicks off.

Buses start mid July across key depots around Glasgow and the Central Belt of Scotland – where The Kitchen Depot has multiple store locations.

Later in the month we’ll start an outdoor campaign in the same vein throughout Shrewsbury to increase kitchen sales in this region too.

If you’re interested in a new look for your kitchen/temporary office visit The Kitchen Depot website to check out their range of kitchens and browse all of their available options… we designed & built their site too!

And to see more examples of our nationally recognised media buy campaign work, click here.

Kitchen image: sienna gloss in porcelain and graphite