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We’ve all been missing big events and celebrations since 2020. With the promise that we’ll return to a little bit of normality this Summer, it seems like now is the time we can all start making plans again!

While it’s been annoying for most of us, we’re sure it’s been a nightmare for couples who were gearing up to get married in 2020/21! However, with the first tentative steps being made to set dates for group events, we thought now would be a good time to let you know about one of the best wedding cake makers in the UK – Mrs Jones Cakes.

All things nice…

We started working with Sheila Jones of Mrs Jones Cakes a few years ago. Her website features a selection of her most popular cakes and a gallery of some of her most beautiful and elaborate decorations and designs.

Not just content to create stunning bespoke cakes for weddings and celebrations, Mrs Jones also dedicates her time to passing on her expertise in baking classes. There, any level of baker from total novice to home patisserie can have the hands-on support and guidance of Mrs Jones.

Also, her website hosts numerous fun recipes from Sheila herself as well as international expert guests.

Making your big day that much sweeter

As big events like weddings, birthdays and more are now being planned for and rescheduled, we know that Mrs Jones will be getting very busy soon! So now just might be the best time to check out her website and have a look at what she can do. Even as far back as the end of last year, she was receiving requests to create cakes for clients across the globe!

It’s been a pleasure to help Mrs Jones Cakes reach new audiences and establish the business as a go-to for anyone looking for a showstopping cake centerpiece for their wedding or celebration. From tiered cakes to mini party favours, Mrs Jones can definitely bring a bit of sweetness to your next event!

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