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The team at Cole AD love working with the Arts across Scotland and we’re thrilled to win another account in this sector.

Scottish National Jazz Orchestra heard of our solid reputation for looking after our clients and now we’ll be helping this brilliant company promote their shows across the country.

What began 25 years ago as local word of mouth building the ensembles reputation, has soared to global recognition for the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra. We’re excited to work for another client with a worldwide audience and an exceedingly strong reputation.

Our first project is a media buy campaign for a special performance at Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh on Friday 24th September 2021.

It will be a big night as Scottish National Jazz Orchestra celebrates 25 years of top-quality music-making, drawn from almost 100 years of jazz and the classical and Scottish traditions. Taking inspiration from poets, classical composers and other artists – the repertoire of the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra has been varied and electrifying.

At this perfomance, award-winning soloists Anoushka Nanguy and Liam Shortall will play through works by master composers Duke Ellington, Mary Lou Williams, Leonard Bernstein, and Count Basie.

The event will be socially distanced and the venue are taking every precaution to ensure audiences can enjoy an evening of stirring musical mastery in a comfortable and safe environment.

After everything we have all been through over the last 18 months, we are thrilled that performers & theatres can get back to entertaining people nationwide.

Find out more and book your tickets for this night out and we’ll be keeping you posted about their future concerts.

With live music and performance back in a big way, our expert media buy team are busier than ever. If you want to see more examples of what we can do as part of a media buy campaign, visit our media buy service page here.

Images courtesy Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.