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At Cole AD, we’ve been privileged enough to work with clients and organisations who have been bowled over by the standard of our output and have subsequently asked us to provide work for their sister brands. Exemplified by our very own Stephen and Michael Cole – our ethos is all about avoiding sibling rivalry and giving each individual the room to shine! With this in mind, we’ve recently launched twin websites for our client ABS/Damada.

It makes a lot of sense to enlist the services of one agency to design work for various brands under one client – not only are you working with someone who already knows how you work, but they’ve likely already come up with some nuggets of gold in the design process that, while maybe not a perfect fit for a main brand, could be adapted to fit a sister brand under the same parent company.

Once in a blue moon, we start work with a client who has two or more brands and wants us to produce work for both at the same time. That’s exactly what happened with our recent client who manages ABS and Damada – two companies handling asbestos building surveys and demolition/removals respectively.

The client came to us earlier this year looking for a website redesign and build for both brands – as well as needing support with copywriting and on-page SEO optimisation. Our team, comprised of Drew, Emma and Sarah – got to work.

Emma created an impactful design for the website – influenced by the client’s ability to offer 360 walkthroughs of the buildings and sites they worked on – the creative was centred around the concept of having a looping video for the homepage as a focal point. It was also important to create clear signposting for each of the services both businesses offered – as the differences to outsiders may not have been particularly clear on the previous websites.

Once the new visuals were signed off by the client, Sarah began liaising with the client to develop their new website copy. Using the new Services landing pages, we worked with the client to cut down the copy to the most crucial aspects of what they offered, and pointed users towards an interactive form to request a quote or determine whether they needed a survey (the latter was unique to the ABS website). We felt this would encourage more conversions and lead to less confusion when navigating the website. To help the client determine what was most important to their customers, Sarah conducted keyword research using search listening tools. This helped the client refine their landing pages and their FAQ section to offer their users answers to their most pertinent questions regarding asbestos removal, surveys and demolitions.

Alongside this, Drew was hard at work building the websites and adding the unique functionality. We designed and built both websites in tandem – creating cohesion between both sites and adding clear hyperlinks to outline a defined customer journey, no matter what service they were seeking.

Although these websites aren’t identical, you’ll see there’s definitely a strong resemblance! Our confidence in the strength of our visuals allowed us to adapt them to fit each brand, whilst maintaining the right touch of individuality and ensuring customers wouldn’t mix the two of them up! Creating unique homepage videos and sticking to the specific colour palettes for each of the brands was important in achieving this distinction.

We launched both websites last month and are delighted with how they’ve turned out. You can visit the ABS website here, or the Damada website here.

If you’re looking to find the right balance between your sister brands, get in touch with our team to discuss your options.