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We’ve been flexing our design muscles this month with a new personal training brand design for Nikki Irving! We created a new brand from scratch, including a logo and social media graphics.

Some time ago, we actually designed the branding for Nikki’s husband’s personal training business, Ross Irving. Being in the same industry as well as the same home, Nikki knew of our branding work and wanted to see what we could do for her!

After many years as a general manager at New Age Fitness in Hamilton, Nikki is branching out in the new year to become a full-time personal trainer and online coach! With this exciting new step, she was keen to establish a brand for herself that would help her reach her goals and bring awareness to her new business.

We got to work on designing a strong and versatile brand logo as well as some graphics to be used across her social media, as this was where she would be focusing a lot of her engagement. We wanted this personal brand design to reflect Nikki’s personality and to be something that she was proud to have represent her. We went back to the Ross Irving brand and looked to create something that could go hand in hand with this, but that had its own individual flair. We’re glad to have achieved this to our client’s satisfaction.

With the start of the New Year and many looking to get fitter after lockdown, we’re sure Nikki will start to see a lot of enquiries and new clients. We’re delighted to have been able to help her find a fresh start in her business, and we’re sure she’ll be able to help her customers find their own!

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