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*Congratulazioni to Italy and Daniel for victory in our sweepstakes!

All of us at Cole AD are, of course, team players. It’s what makes us such a well-functioning group. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for some friendly competition from time to time…

We’ve all recently been tuning into the Euros – and with Scotland unfortunately out of the running in the group-stages – we all had to find new teams to back!

So last week, we set up a Euro 2020 Zoom draw to select which countries we would be supporting for the remainder of the tournament.

With 16 countries entering into the Knockouts and 11 of us – it meant 5 members of the team were in with double the chance of victory.

The sweepstakes were tense, as one by one names were drawn by Sarah, and teams were drawn by Stephen. Despite some slanderous claims of rigging, the draw was completely above board and entirely fair.

The results were as follows:

  • Kathleen – Austria & Portugal
  • Sarah – Sweden
  • Michael – France & Czech Republic
  • Garry – England & Belgium
  • Simon – Croatia
  • Morgan – Denmark & Switzerland
  • Emma – Wales
  • Drew – Spain & Holland
  • Daniel – Italy & Ukraine
  • Stephen – Germany

While most of us have been watching from our couch, it’s truly been fantastic to see the atmosphere around Glasgow as supporters from across Europe attended matches at Hampden and celebrated (or commiserated) in the streets.

Although Scotland didn’t make it to the Knockouts, we’re of course proud of our national team for reaching their first major tournament in 23 years! It’s been a great summer for football so far and it’s not over yet.

Here at Cole AD, we’re no strangers to a kick about! We’ve created great work for clients within the sports industry before. Why not check out this project we completed at the start of 2020 for Battle Against Dementia in honour of the late Billy McNeill.