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Welcome to our year in review, where we’ll be looking back on 2021 and all that happened here at Cole AD.

Let’s be honest, when 2021 started, we had no idea what to expect! Our main goal was to protect the Cole AD team & their families, ensure job security, safeguard health & wellbeing, and overall making sure everyone was ok. The biggest asset at Cole AD is our people – this has always been our thinking since 1986 when our founder, the late Chris Cole, opened the agency.

We hit the milestone of 35 years in business in March 2021 and with the world going through so many challenges, our team showed great resilience and a positive attitude to get the job done. We know that is something Chris would have loved! 

Investing in the Cole AD family

Not only did the year zip past in a blur, but we could see that as we won more work and clients returned to us as restrictions eased, we needed more team members to help us. Morgan, Andrew and Abbie joined us within six months of one another to bolster website development, marketing & comms and the design departments. Their personalities and ideas have improved how we do things at the agency – as Jim Collins said in his book, From Good to Great, it is vital to “get the right people on the bus”.

The team’s humour, optimism and tenacity really make for enjoyable meetings either in person at our Glasgow HQ or via Zoom. And ensuring that we are not isolated as we navigate a new way of working, we make sure our people have the right collaboration tools and opportunities in place. From twice weekly workflow meetings, to project sessions and daily office chatter, we’re as connected as ever. From Aberdeen to Glasgow our Scotland-wide team have overcome the year’s challenges and created vital connections and kinship. We are not done yet though, and we’re recruiting again as 2022 shapes up to be even busier for the team!

Welcoming new clients 

Across 2021 we’ve been delighted to welcome new clients into Cole AD. With 35 years of experience behind us, we’re thrilled to be working across different business sectors and with companies both large & small. Some of our highlights include:

We’ve also continued to work alongside many more new clients and our highly valued existing clients, whom we treasure and are delighted to count as part of the extended Cole AD family. 

Take a bow

A very special mention must go out to the theatres making a comeback across Scotland! It has been brilliant to see as they bring so much to the local economy, plus they create joyful & uplifting experiences for their audiences – something which was greatly needed across 2021. 

We work with many arts organisations on their media planning & buying and so it was excellent to reconnect with all the people involved as confidence came back to that sector. Thank you to the teams at Capital Theatres, Dundee Rep and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Looking towards the horizon

2021 has been a special year for us at Cole AD, with our 35 year anniversary, and the way in which our team has carried forward has been inspirational. We’ve welcomed new faces to the family and new clients across the board. There have been challenges, but we’ve worked together and lifted each other up to keep on moving forward. 

Like everyone, we’re taking a few days off over the festive season so we can all recharge and enjoy time with our family & friends. To everyone we’ve had the pleasure of working with, have a fantastic festive season and we’ll see you next year.