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In the words of Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s Chief Executive, Gavin Reid, “it’s safe to say this season will be like no other!”

Everyone from seasoned concert goers, to those with a new-found appreciation for the arts during lockdown and the whole team putting on the show (not to mention us here at Cole AD) are positively vibrating with delight at the thought of enjoying live music in a range of stunning venues across Scotland.

From September to December this year, the Orchestra’s Autumn 2021 Season of live concerts steps out of the shadows and becomes the star of an impressive repertoire of live & digital concerts, creative learning events, and community residencies.

However, with so much time spent in the shadows, the Orchestra needed to call on the experts here at Cole AD to ensure word got around about the return of their live concerts. That’s where the dedicated Cole AD Media Buy team stepped in!

They sat down with the team at SCO to understand how their Autumn 2021 Season was going to work – which venues, dates, and shows they’re putting on, as well as available budgets for advertising. In this new world, where many people are less mobile, where their audiences are and how they will engage with different media options is a key consideration.

We’ve developed a flexible outdoor and digital media campaign, with digital advertising on Classic FM’s website and traditional media posters in key locations around Glasgow and Edinburgh.

To find out more about SCO’s full range of live and online concerts, please visit their website where you can book tickets, find out more about the teams that make it all happen, plus updates on their five-year community residency in Craigmillar.

For more information about our Cole AD Media Buy services, and our range of other creative services, please get in touch with us to see how can work together.

All images courtesy of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.