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Fore Play Crazy Golf is the first of its kind in Glasgow. A one-stop destination, combining crazy golf, drinks and street food. They approached us, as a Glasgow based creative design agency, to create a unique campaign that spoke to the people of our city, and would get them talking.

Cole AD created a six-week awareness campaign that included a takeover of the Glasgow underground digital signage – a space that sees commuters, shoppers, students – and everyone in between pass through each and every day. We created the copy and produced artwork for six eye-catching promotions.

Cole AD also developed a city-wide poster and billboard campaign across Glasgow. Securing key spaces around the busiest streets in the city.

We reinforced the campaign by supplying a wide-range of social and traditional media adverts and graphics. We have the expertise in adapting our designs to fit any required ad space.

Since the campaign began, ‘Fore Play Crazy Golf ‘ have reported their best turnover since opening. Response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, with people loving the cheeky, homegrown approach. It sets the tone for visitors to enjoy themselves from the outset and draws an audience that might not have otherwise sought out the joys of crazy golf!

As of 2020, Foreplay have expanded with a pop up location in Edinburgh and a bigger course in their original Glasgow location. We’ve worked with them again on a bus back campaign, as well as an NSFW campaign that saw an incredible 60% increase in online booking. This campaign was also nominated for a 2020 UK Outdoor Media Award!

We certainly take pride in being a Glasgow based creative design agency that has the right stuff to take on local, national and even international campaigns. If you want to take your business to the next level, let us take a swing at things.