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Cole AD were approached by the Wylie & Bisset Group to help them develop their Insolvency service. We had worked for Wylie & Bisset previously and they trusted us to spearhead their new endeavour, which included brand creation, web design and development and marketing consultancy.

We were involved at the very inception of this service, from creating the concept, to running the service separately to the Wylie & Bisset Group. We were trusted to really hit the ground running with the creative design of this brand.

We created the name – Libra- as well as their brand identity and website. This was all after the extensive research we carried out within the debt recovery sector. We made sure to understand the market we were entering into before making any decisions. No two clients are the same, and a bespoke approach is crucial to helping our clients stand out in their industry.

Part of the development process was to create a consumer brand that appeals to a wide range of businesses, from sole traders to partnerships, in a positive manner. Debt can be a sensitive subject, so the brand creation had to be relatable, trustworthy and have mass appeal.

The new brand and website went live in January 2020. You can find the website here. We continue to work with their teams to develop their marketshare.

We also share our marketing knowledge in order to help them rank on Google. As a new business, it’s tricky to establish yourself in a competitive sphere. A great website and brand identity is the best start, but SEO, Google Ads, social media engagement and website content are all key elements in helping your business take off. If you have questions about how digital marketing can benefit your business, have a look at what we can do.