Privacy Policy

Ross Harper has been a major name in Scottish Law for decades. Following the insolvency of the law firm, with whom our clients had no association, it was decided that they would acquire the brand IP to establish an online referral network – connecting clients to established law firms regulated by the Law Society of Scotland.

This wasn’t just a rebrand, it was a total reimagining of what Ross Harper would represent under this new management. They needed a new brand design, a new website and some animated gifs – and we were ready to take on the challenge!

Our approach was tongue in cheek, using bespoke characters to represent the customer and the range of reasons they might be contacting Ross Harper.

The new website featured our bespoke characters throughout, and the website copy reflected the modern and informal approach our new client wanted to take – explaining what Ross Harper can do in layman’s terms. 

We featured an enquiry form prominently throughout the site, making it easy for a prospective customer to reach out. This was carried over to our mobile layout, limiting the amount of pages shown to help direct the customer to the right points of contact. This drove enquiries up considerably.

Our animated gifs featured our bespoke characters in all forms of trouble! From fender benders to slips and falls, we wanted to demonstrate that Ross Harper could help no matter what your predicament. These served as great marketing tools for social media, catching people’s attention and further promoting the new, playful brand ethos.