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Ruth Chappell and Brain Fleming of the Complementary Medicine Centre in Glasgow found us via LinkedIn. They wanted help with a new website and revised mark that would reflect their high standards of service and help introduce more people to the benefits of complementary therapy.

From our first meeting with Ruth and Brian, we knew that our main concerns with their new site were to highlight their services and encourage new patients to book appointments. Ensuring that their site navigation was easy to understand and contact details were at the forefront was also important.

We proposed a design that replicated the experience of their treatments. Focusing on imagery that related to natural materials, relaxation and good health. We kept the design clean, crisp and easy to read.

We created individual pages for each of their main services with handy Q&A sections aimed at demystifying the nature of these treatments for users who may be learning about them for the first time.

We also included a news and research section which would contain more in-depth information about complementary medicine that was regularly updated.

After launching the new site at the end of 2020, Ruth and Brian immediately had a spike in site visitors and were delighted with the new Complementary Medicine Centre website and design.

We sincerely thank the team at Cole AD for all your hard work and attention to detail as they match creativity with technical expertise.

Ruth Chappell | The Complementary Medicine Centre