Privacy Policy

WB Debtcare is the personal debt offshoot of Wylie + Bisset, who we have had along-standing relationship with. With WB Debtcare, they wanted to redesign their existing brand and focus on conveying a more positive outlook with regards to debt.

We designed and created a new website for this venture that was bright and clean – with essential information at the user’s fingertips. This build included a debt calculator on the homepage, which made the first step towards user conversion as easily accessible as possible.

The design of the WB Debtcare site and rebrand of their logo maintained a ‘rainbow umbrella’ motif – something that made the previous logo identifiable. We took this motif and translated it to the design throughout the website, using bright colours and images that reiterated the message that – with the help of WB Debtcare – after the rain, comes the rainbow!

By populating the site with various case studies and helpful tips, we produced a website that would be useful to the user no matter what stage they were at of their interaction with WB Debtcare.

We launched the new website in November 2020 and, with it, rolled out a Facebook ad campaign to bring attention to the new site. This campaign was heavily influenced by the umbrella motif – establishing a niche and recognisable emblem for the company.

We expanded upon this by creating straplines that encouraged people to look to ‘brighter days ahead’ or ‘the calm after the storm’ – reinforcing the core belief behind WB Debtcare’s approach.