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Recruitment consultants, Brightwork, appointed to the local government framework for Scotland, needed new marketing to impress.

First of all, our design agency was asked to create brochures. Then we learned how passionate Brightwork were about their movement called ‘Scottish Against Modern Slavery’. After discussions on what we could do, the client requested a standalone brand for this too.

Scotland Against Modern Slavery, championed by Brightwork, has been a national success in raising awareness. For that reason the media, including the BBC, interviewed Brightwork director, Shan Saba, for radio & TV.

We are proud to be work with an organisation willing to protect human rights!

“The feedback has been brilliant on the designs by Cole AD. They handled the copywriting and visually it was perfect. Above all, the brand for Scotland Against Modern Slavery will help us raise awareness for years!”
Shan Saba, Director, Brightwork

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