Privacy Policy

As a design agency, we work with a variety of clients from different sectors to help them build their brand and identity. To do this, we try to understand as best we can, what it is our clients do and what they represent. The great thing about that is that we are often exposed to organisations who do great work for the community and have an important impact. That’s exactly what we found when we began to work with Scottish Recovery Network.

In their own words, Scottish Recovery Network brings people, services and organisations across sectors together to create a mental health system powered by lived experience. Their goal is to create change in Scotland that allows mental health recovery to be a reality for everyone affected.

We began work with them in 2020 to create a new website and brand. We conducted extensive research, including focus groups, to help us define their new identity.

Their new website was to act as a source of information, resources and real recovery stories. This content could be an introduction to mental health recovery for those who are at the start of their journey, or a continuous supportive resource for those who are further into their recovery.

Our main aims for the Scottish Recovery Network website were:

  • To create a website that was accessible for all
  • To feature real-life stories to show how mental health recovery is possible
  • To ensure that the vast resources available through Scottish Recovery Network were easy to find and use

As we mentioned, the Scottish Recovery Network website has an array of resources to support mental health organisations and groups – as well as a section that points people to organisations you can contact for immediate support if you are in crisis.

Mental health is incredibly important to all of us at Cole AD. We’ve learned a lot from working with Scottish Recovery Network on this website and are so happy to be able share it with you all!