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Here at Cole AD, we love to work with local small businesses to help them make an impact. Recently we’ve been working with Chris Turner at Turner Furniture in Glasgow to help him establish his online presence and bring more awareness to his stunning furniture creations.

In order to do this, we addressed three points – SEO, blogs and social media. Since December 2020, we have been handling all three of these requirements for Chris, and it has helped him massively. He left us this fantastic review recently:

“Cole AD provided great advice from the start and after speaking with their web designer and Stephen I knew my business was in good hands. My SEO was checked and sorted and they are now producing regular content for my channels. I just wanted to say they are really good at listening to what I wanted and having them working on my social media has just really taken the pressure off marketing for me – I can concentrate on designing and making the furniture and they know how to promote it. Thank you Cole AD I would definitely recommend you to others.”

So how exactly can these points of focus help your business? The trifecta of SEO, blogs and social media is something we recommend to a lot of our clients who are seeking more website visitors or new customers. Here’s why each of them can be great for your business:


‘SEO’ or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of tailoring your content in order for it to rank higher on search engines like Google or Bing. You can tailor content on your website as well as what actually appears in search results when someone searches for the services you provide. The main goal for Google and Bing when showing results to a user, is to show them the content that is most relevant to what they have searched for. Therefore, a great understanding of your audience and your businesses unique selling point is key to getting off the ground with SEO. Once you get started with SEO, there’s a whole universe of tips and tricks that can help put you in front of the right people and turn those clicks into action. Cole AD can offer advice and support with SEO to make that happen!


You might think blogging is for your personal time, or that it’s not relevant to your business – but blogs are an ideal way to establish your brand, attract new customers to your website and build upon existing relationships. It’s not only a fantastic way to inject some personality into your brand, it also gives you the opportunity to share new information that’s relevant to your business or industry, helping to solidify your reputation and knowledge. Posting even a couple of blogs a month can draw in visitors you would have never otherwise been able to engage with!

Social Media

We’re sure you all know that, these days, there’s no escaping the impact social media has on all of our lives. It’s hard to run a business without one! However, it can be easy to do social media wrong as a business. Making sure you separate your business and personal social media is perhaps the biggest piece of advice we could give you! Using social media in your marketing is key to getting in front of the largest audience possible. Make sure your messaging on those platforms is succinct, attention-grabbing and instantly identifiable as your own, and you’ll be have the best chance of bringing in new customers. Because social media posts should be quick and easy, you can fit regular posts into your calendar with little to no hassle. Keeping up this routine will give you an incredible boost in engagement.

You’ll find that these three points influence each other in many ways, and that utilising all three will really benefit your business as it did for Turner Furniture. If you want to discuss how we can help you with this approach, we’d be happy to share our expertise! Get in touch today.

Main image used courtesy of Turner Furniture.