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Cole AD are committed to offering a full range of creative services, and with an ever-growing focus on video in the digital world, we know the importance and potential of creating great video content! As a video production agency based in Glasgow, we can work remotely or invite you to our offices in the city centre.
Our team can adapt our creative eye to whatever format you want to explore. Our expertise covers infographics, character animation and live-action video.

Ready to enter into the world of video?

Through our collaboration, we will originate a style and script that tells an engaging story and establishes your brand identity. Also, our understanding of digital marketing will give you the best chance of standing out amongst the crowd.
We have the capacity to take on projects of any size, and we’ll work with you to create a schedule – involving you in as much of the production process as possible. Think of yourself as the Executive Producer!
We have the added benefit of being not just a video agency working in Glasgow and the rest of the UK – but branding, design and media experts.