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We can’t quite believe it’s been almost a year of running our agency from home! While we’ve adapted well to the change, we do miss getting to see each other face to face everyday.

That’s why we took the opportunity last week to reinstate an office tradition and ran our 7th Share Day!

Our Share Day is a chance for members of our team to share their knowledge and expertise of a particular area with us all. It’s a great opportunity to grow and learn as a team.

But it’s not all about imparting our design and digital wisdom, we also share film, tv and book recommendations to keep everyone entertained during lockdown.

A massive thanks to team members Sarah and Daniel for being our main sharers this time around, taking us through presentations and tutorials on SEO and Animation respectively.

As for the rest of the team, we started a little Cole AD bookclub and got everyone to deliver a short presentation on a book they’ve read over the past few months. These recommendations could be to do with design, business, sport, fiction – anything! We think the diversity of our picks gives you a good insight to who we all are! Check them out below, hopefully you’ll find something to add to your library…

Daniel’s pick – The World’s Fittest Book by Ross Edgley

This is not a fitness book… kind of. Sure there are diet and training plan but this book is a book of motivation! Learn the story of Ross Edgley. The guy who completed the World’s Strongest Marathon – a 26.2 mile marathon around Silverstone race circuit, while pulling a Mini Countryman. The same man who completed a Tree-athalon… an olympic sized triathlon while carrying a 45kg tree on his back. The same man who completed the Great British Swim – swimming around the full of the UK in 157 days without touching land. Get motivated! 

John’s pick – Oi Frog! by Kes Grey and Jim Field

I don’t get time to read too many books for grown-ups these days, but what I do get to read are children’s books! It’s a story about a troubled Frog who has a very nasty big cat as a friend. The Cat tries to goad the Frog into sitting on a log, naturally. However, the frog – defiant of the expectations pushed upon him, tries to find somewhere else to sit instead. Thankfully the adventures don’t end with this book. There are more books in this series, namely ‘Oi Duck Billed Platypus’. Thoroughly recommend this book to be enjoyed by readers of all ages!

Garry’s pick – The 99% Invisible City: A field guide to the hidden world of everyday designs By Roman Mars & Kurt Kohlstedt

Being a big fan of the 99 percent invisible podcast I was pleased to see that they produced this book. It’s in the same vein as the podcast: succinct. The book is a collection of stories grouped logically so each Chapter has a narrative. If you don’t know anything about 99pi, it’s about those everyday designed things that most of us overlook, or take for granted. The book covers everything, from manholes, warning signs through to engineering icons. Personally, coming from Scotland, my favourites are “Sillitoe Tartan” and the “Stirling Castle Restoration”.

Sarah’s pick – ‘My Year of Rest and Relaxation’ by Otessa Moshfegh

This book is a darkly comedic exploration of grief and depression – set against the backdrop of early 2000’s New York. The unnamed, and rather unlikeable, main character sets out to sleep for (more or less) an entire year in the hopes of emerging with a better outlook on life. However, her plan doesn’t exactly go off without a hitch. This book resonated with me because it seems as though a lot of us are in a state of hibernation at the moment (although hardly restful or relaxing!) And although the book deals with heavy topics, it’s still optimistic about the future!

Emma’s pick – Now Try Something Weirder By Michael Johnson

A book full of usual hints, tips and advice for getting your creative brain in gear. Covering everything from understanding design briefs, delivering stand out presentations to gaining confidence as a creative. It’s a great book for diving in and out of as and when you need a bit of inspiration or are stuck in a bit of a design rut. The book is filled with lots of lovely design examples too.

Stephen’s pick – Traction by Gino Wickman

Some great ideas here on improving your business covering teamwork, values and picking the right clients to partner. It does reference ‘How to Win Friends” by Dale Carnegie & ‘Good to Great” by Jim Collins, on several occasions which are better reads in my humble opinion. However, there’s still a lot to be learned and to take inspiration from in this!

Simon’s pick – Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection by Mr Bingo

A collection of Mr Bingo’s infamous Hate Mail project, that started as a single tweet and ended up as a book, thanks to a hugely successful kickstarter campaign. ‘Hate Mail’ verbally and visually absuses people across the globe, posting recipients vintage postcards emblazoned with dark humour and excellent illustrations. Well designed, original and really funny. A book that will inspire you creatively and make you laugh.

Michael’s pick – Jurgen Klopp, Biography by Elmar Neveling

This is an excellent read detailing his experience as a young footballer aiming to make a career out of the game. His journey includes success and failure, all as he alludes, make him stronger. As a fan and follower of Klopp, I knew this book has a tremendously happy ending, but it was great to learn more about his early days and also football drills that I can take to my own youth team that I coach. This book is a must read for sporting fans as Klopp doesn’t inherit winning teams, he transforms them!

Drew’s pick – JS Party by Changelog

I realised that I don’t really read books… so have decided to talk about a podcast instead. Recently I’ve been listening to a podcast called JS Party – you’ve guessed it – JavaScript – exciting! JS Party is full of discussions/comparisons, mixed with debates and anecdotes about the latest industry trends. I’d recommend listening to it if you’re looking for some cheesy coding jokes and nerd talk. It has been pretty handy to keep up to date with emerging technologies and trends that I otherwise wouldn’t have the time to discover myself!

As we continue to work remotely, we think it’s important to keep our team morale up with day’s like these. What do you do to encourage team spirit in your workplace?

We’re already looking forward to our next share day and all the recommendations that will follow!