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We’ve got an exciting new bespoke brochure design to share with you today! Read on to find out more about how this project came together…

You might recall we announced our partnership with Paul Hughes Interiors back at the beginning of July. We linked up through LinkedIn and Stephen Cole met with Paul himself in Kelvingrove Park to pitch our ideas for graphic design and marketing materials. Some fresh air did us good, and we won their business! Since then, our designers have been working hard to come up with a brochure design that would reflect the luxury brand that Paul Hughes Interiors has cultivated. We took inspiration from the style of their featured projects online. Paul Hughes’ style favours light and clean interiors with darker accents that pop. We decided to take this as the stimulus for our design and then flip it!

Here’s a small sample of our work…

Our brochure design is sleek and minimalist. Using silver foil on a black background, we let the brand stand out in the most understated way. This also allowed for a contrast with the interior of the brochure which complements the bright, naturalistic style that is characteristic of Paul Hughes Interiors.

We delivered the final product to Paul last week who was absolutely delighted with the results and had this to say;

The team at Cole AD have been very professional and incredibly creative from the very beginning! The final brochure design is beyond what I could have hoped for. Thanks so much for your hard work.

Paul Hughes, CEO, Paul Hughes Interiors

Next up for this client, we will expand upon our designs to create additional marketing assets. We’re excited to continue working with this great client.

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