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Over our time providing creative services as a Scottish design agency, we’ve had a lot of amazing feedback and tokens of gratitude from our clients. However, this week saw a first for our creative team, a video testimonial from a client via the actor Larry Hankin – best known as Mr Heckles from the classic TV show, Friends! This wonderful gesture came from James Stewart, Chairman of Scottish Stammering Network – whom we have recently worked with on creating a new brand and website for the charity.

The brand and website design we devised and launched for them last month was incredibly well received. Their website traffic skyrocketed after the launch of the site and the charity has seen new enquiries come in steadily. We were delighted to hear this, as it was one of the main goals of this new work. One of those enquiries was from BBC Scotland, inviting James to be interviewed by Kaye Adams on radio show about International Stammering Awareness Day.

Collaborating with James on the work for Scottish Stammering Network was a great experience, filled with frequent chats over Zoom. One of those chats lead to the app Cameo – which is a service that lets you book public figures to record personalised messages for friends and family. Many of these celebrities are also donating their booking fees to charities, so it’s a fantastic and unique way of relaying whatever message you want!

You can check out his Cameo video message to us here. Our team loved this gesture. Hankin, who has also featured in projects like Seinfeld, Home Alone and Breaking Bad, was a great sport. Thankfully, unlike his most famous character, he only had nice things to say about us!

It really means a lot to us that our client went out of their way to thank us like this. Client service is always at the very heart of everything we do. We think it’s important that our clients aren’t just happy with the work we do, but that their expectations are exceeded every time.

If we can help your business with a new look brand or website, please feel free to get in touch. We are a Scottish design agency offering an all-purpose service to clients big and small.