Privacy Policy

After leaving university with an Honours degree in Digital Media, I was lucky enough to start my career at Cole AD and I haven’t looked back since. Fast forward to now and I’m still learning and developing new skills. Working for a vast range of clients in the public and private sectors has allowed me to develop some of my best creative and professional work for digital design & print, signage and 2D animation.

2D animation has always been a passion of mine and rather than shy away from it, the team at Cole AD allowed me to develop my skills to the point that we now offer it as part of our core services! Being part of a creative team that’s always inspiring each other is amazing. It helps us to produce our best work and by opening our work up to peer critique we can elevate our work into something that will exceed client expectations.

Outside of work I’m a gym lover. You’ll find me there most of the week – lifting heavy things is my thing! You’ll always find me with a protein shake in my hand. If I’m not in the gym, I’ll be spending time with my wife where we love a good film, dinner in a new restaurant, or partaking in an iced coffee or a Bud Light (depending on the time of day that is). Also, I’m a massive Post Malone fan. Spotify has informed me, to date, I have spent over 470 hours with the legend on repeat!