Privacy Policy

My primary role is as a full stack developer – which is a fancy way of saying I work on the side of websites that users see, as well as the logic & data driven systems behind the scenes.

I manage our team of Developers who work alongside our designers and marketers (as well as our clients!) to create immersive, user-first digital experiences that deliver commercially for our wide range of clients and charities. Websites are often a customers’ first interaction with a company so they need to deliver on many levels – it’s my job to make that happen! 

I take the visuals for clients’ shiny new websites, created by our design team, and turn them into something functional and easy to use. This might sound simple, but it can be a complex and technical process behind the scenes as every website has different requirements. I’m also responsible for any updates to existing websites, upgrades to the systems running websites and being our clients’ friendly neighbourhood support rep whenever there’s a question or a bug to squash!

Away from work, I’m a big nerd at heart – I love pretty much any movie or TV show with “star” in the title and I enjoy tinkering with electronics – from building computers to soldering junk to other junk. I even made an impulse buy of a 3D printer and have been happily (and sometimes not so happily!) upgrading it and printing away. “I’ll use it to print useful things for around the house” – yeah right!