Privacy Policy

I’m a bit of a design all-rounder. Over the years I’ve developed creative and technical skills working on a variety of projects from branding and web design to large signage and interior projects. I also have a soft spot for illustration and I’ve had the pleasure of illustrating two children’s books.

I love tackling the variety of creative challenges clients throw our way and collaborating with them and the rest of the Cole AD team, to create innovative designs that help bring clients’ stories to life.

Over the past half decade at Cole AD I’ve worked with our clients to create designs that not only look great but are accessible. From running accessibility training sessions to creating accessible websites, accessibility has become an integral part of my work. I firmly believe that design should be enjoyed by everyone. It doesn’t matter how beautiful it is; it needs to be accessible and functional too. 

Outside of work I’m a massive Crossfit addict. I love challenging myself in the Crossfit gym and throwing heavy weights around. When I’m not testing my limits in the gym you’ll find me painting and illustrating, possibly with a (large) wine in hand. That’s also helping as I currently try to learn modern calligraphy – the challenge is real! To see more of my passion projects, check out my personal illustration account on Instagram.