Privacy Policy

I’ve got my fingers in many proverbial pies at Cole AD! With key skills in project management, copywriting, SEO & digital marketing, I’d like to think I’m versatile and always up for trying something new and exciting.

As part of the Marketing team at Cole AD, I’m all about getting to know our clients inside and out so that I can help them tell a cohesive and compelling story about their business. This often involves lots of market research, data analysis and Zoom chats (though the latter is mostly because I love a natter!) 

Because my experience spans across so many elements of the agency, it allows me to give our creative team the full picture before it comes time to create the work. The final product is always tethered to the clients’ original vision, but with that extra bit of magic that comes from a creative team who are free to explore new frontiers. 

When I’m not at my desk, you’ll usually find me on the couch with a good book or revelling in some prestige television (such as RuPaul’s Drag Race). I’ve volunteered at and attended a lot of music and film festivals around the world in a bid to appear more cultured. I also love to cook, and keep a regularly rotating specials board on display in my kitchen at all times!