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We posted a blog article on November 2018 about the new version of WordPress that was about to be launched. As well as the new content editor that was coming called Gutenberg.

With the launch of this new update, we decided to re-build our own website using this update and some other new tools we’ve been working with.

…In with the new

We’ve rebuilt the site from scratch using Gutenberg as our content editor for all pages and posts, including the homepage. Behind the scenes we’re using Laravel blades as our templating engine, PHP 7 for programming, ECMA6+ and jQuery for our JavaScript, and SASS for our CSS.

We’ve found the process of using Gutenberg as a full production tool really beneficial for content layout and management. We were able to transfer everything over from our old site, which was only a year old itself, from the old editor to the new one without too many headaches and problems.

The end result is the same refined, clean, responsive website we created last year. However it now utilises the new technologies available to us to drive our development forward.

We look forward to using the new Gutenberg editor in our upcoming production builds. We are also looking forward to seeing what developments WordPress have in store for expanding Gutenberg throughout WordPress itself. It will also be interesting to see how they plan to use the same idea of using blocks for editing content, into managing other elements of a website, like menus, widgets, etc.

If you are interested to know more about our Digital Solutions at Cole AD, please get in touch!

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