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This week, our client Primal Adventures launched their awe-inspiring Highland Kings ultra-endurance experience. Prior to launch, our design and creative teams were selected to create the branding & identity around this pioneering event, and that meant limbering up our design muscles to tackle the brief head on.

The team worked with the client to understand the intricacies of this ultra-endurance experience; who was involved, the stunning locations and immersing themselves into the (unknown to us) world of ultra-marathons & endurance. Our muscles were aching just researching it!

With the route spanning Glencoe, Argyll and Ayrshire the client was inspired by the real-life kings of yore, who each traversed this challenging route on horse-back and foot. Leaning into the history of the region and its kings (Kenneth McAlpin, Alexander III and Robert the Bruce) is part of the unique story of the event.

With all of that in mind, we developed a brand & identity which exuded the qualities of the challengers who would participate, the incredible support team created by Primal Adventures and the challenges of the diverse terrains. This unique multi-perspective approach helped us develop a brand for a modern event with an intoxicatingly alluring heritage.

At Cole AD we are incredibly passionate about usability and ensuring that brands we develop work well across a host of different media types. For us, an integral part of the design process is understanding where and how the client might use the assets we create. For Highland Kings we knew a responsive logo would be required. The brand mark we developed works equally well on the website as it does on a water bottle or bandana.

The brand mark itself tells the story of what Highland Kings is all about. Taking inspiration from The Vegvisir (Norse compass), Viking exploration, and historic shield designs, it creates a contemporary synergy encompassing the drive, determination and endurance required by the challenge.

Building on this and drawing strength from the heritage of the landscape and from warriors & kings of the past, the identity we constructed around Highland Kings combines to create a sense of power, strength and historical intrigue, transforming it into a unique and alluring event appealing to a vast range of participants from across the globe.

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All images and video courtesy of Highland Kings.