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Last week several of our Creative Department attended the UX Scotland conference held in Edinburgh. When you work at Cole AD, our teams regularly attend events like this across the UK to be inspired, learn and most importantly, have fun!

At our weekly agency team meet this morning, they shared their highlights including Jared Spool, Keynote Speaker, who bowled them over with his Disney story and the importance of design.

The story centred on the Magic Band for Disney theme parks and hotels. This wristband opens your hotel room door, grants you access to the parks, records the rides you go on and when scanned uploads your ride photos to your phone. They are waterproof, come in lots of colours and are customisable too.

Impressive stuff right?

Well, the project was 2 years late and cost a staggering $1 billion dollars (think Dr Evil voice & his trademark pinky pose).

A phased roll-out, basically limiting the magic band to only a handful of functions was rejected as the Disney people did not want to rush until it was perfect.

Money aside, you can imagine the level of patience required by all involved, including senior management and their board.

In short, perfect design takes time!

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