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We’ve had a long and successful partnership with the folks over at Wylie & Bisset. They are chartered accounts and one of the longest established independent firms in Scotland, having helped people across Scotland for over 30 years.

We previously have worked with Wylie & Bisset on their business debt offshoot, Libra. They loved what we did with their new website and brand, so they came back to us with the need to refresh their branding and web design for their two other projects; Wylie & Bisset and WB Debtcare.

Having worked with Wylie & Bisset before, it was a comfortable and seamless transition to adapting their current branding into something more modern and universal. In their debt solution agencies, they are all about centring the person they are helping, and coming up with solutions based around the individuals circumstances. They truly care about their customers, and offer impartial and kind support and advice through what can be one of the most stressful and emotionally draining times in a person’s life.

With their approach to business in mind, we knew we wanted to represent the positivity and warmth that they share with their customers through their brand. Specifically for WB Debtcare, we devised an approach that was focused on leading with positive and inspiring messages. Where other debt solution companies might try to scare or guilt their customers into entering quickly into unsustainable repayment plans, we wanted the new branding and website to represent the promise of a brighter future for their customers. We expanded on their current branding, which prominently featured umbrellas, to devise a marketing strategy focused around the protection WB Debtcare can provide from the ‘storm’ that people in debt are facing, and the blue skies that are ahead!

We will be launching the new WB Debtcare site very soon, so keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be keeping you posted when it all goes live. We will continue to work with Wylie & Bisset into the new year when we launch their renovated main site. We’re always grateful and excited to work with their team and to help them reach more people in need of their services.

If you are interested in refreshing your branding and updating your website, get in touch with our team!