Privacy Policy

“I didn’t know you did that!?”

No, not skateboarding, but that’s a statement we often hear from our clients, both old and new alike!

We’re a multi-service agency focused on client-first experiences and developing lasting relationships. Over the course of working closely together it can be easy to forget that Cole AD is much more than the main service we provide to each of our amazing clients. We’re more than a media buy agency, more than a web design agency and more than a graphic design agency – you get the picture!

It is nobody’s fault, and in fact, we take it as a good thing that for certain clients, we are the ‘go-to’ agency that is their top choice for a specific service!

But, now we’re going to plant the seed and ask you, our dear reader, a question:

“Did you know we offer…?”

Across three core teams and 12 experts, our service offering continues to grow in line with our clients’ needs. We all know trends fade in & out, technology creates opportunity and economic fluctuations focus creativity (and budgets!). 

We like to think we are riding the wave, if not indeed peering over the top and getting ready for the next big thing. But also knowing that the new kid on the block is not always the best fit. And the beauty of that? It means we are ready to introduce, strategize and execute considered, dynamic and commercial campaigns. When you need us, we are here and ready to roll with a plan that works for you!

Make sure to visit our team page and see what our experts have to offer. And, in case you missed it, we recently added three new faces to our team to ensure our client delivery is on point. We’re looking forward to chatting and helping your business evolve towards its next growth stage.