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A brilliant project to work on was the media buying project for the GCU student recruitment campaign.

The theme of the GCU clearance course campaign was the students themselves and how their studies fit into their lives. The creative team at ABA worked with local Glasgow photographer Nate Cleary on headshots and designed the creative artwork.

ABA were looking for an experienced media buying team in the area to distribute the artwork and target potential students, ideally with a great knowledge of the city. After coming across our website and reviews, ABA set up a chat about taking on their media buying and ad trafficking. As an advertising company who have been at work in Glasgow for over 35 years, media buying is our bread and butter, so we were excited to come on board and get to work!

Woman walking past billboard campaign 2 bill boards side by side

This was an enormous creative campaign targeting students for GCU’s session 2022/2023 clearance courses. After outlining a media plan for the end of July, we wanted to take advantage of public transport spaces throughout the TRNSMT festival weekend.

With an average attendance of 120,000 people, we knew that TRNSMT would be hosting a great number of young adults. Hundreds of thousands of people would also be passing through transport links around the city. First, we ran a short taster campaign to target festival-goers during this time. 

GCU advertising panels in railway station

We bought poster spaces in train stations and placed adverts in Metro newspapers, commonly supplied on public transport. This gave us a double-whammy for targeting members of the public as they moved throughout Glasgow. Advertisements were placed on billboards around Queen St. train station. We placed four sheet posters on walls in the West End of Glasgow.

We ran digital ads through bus shelters around Glasgow and used eco-friendly buses in the city to boost the outdoor campaign.

Undergraduate clearance courses for GCU are available at the moment and you can apply here.

Seeking professional and local knowledge on media buying around Scotland? Please feel free to get in touch! 

Photograph of the side of double decker bus with the GCU advertising panel